Affordable Protection for Temporary Needs

What is it?

Term life insurance provides affordable protection to your loved ones for temporary needs. It’s simple and straightforward.

Who needs it?

Knights of Columbus term life insurance may be an ideal solution for people with time-bound financial obligations who are interested in:

  • Protecting your young family on a tight budget.
  • Shielding your family against the remaining payments on your mortgage, so that they aren’t drowning in debt or forced to move if you die unexpectedly.
  • Supplementing or replacing your income in case you die, so that your family can continue to live with the same level of financial comfort that they did when you were alive.
  • Providing funds for your children’s college education in case of the unexpected.
  • Enabling your loved ones to pay off your personal debt – like credit card or auto loan debt – should you pass away suddenly.

How does it work?

Knights of Columbus term insurance is designed to provide you with a maximum amount of coverage at affordable and competitive rates.

Unlike permanent insurance, term insurance is temporary and is designed to expire as your financial obligations expire. Our term insurance rates are guaranteed for the life of your policy, as is the amount of money that would be paid to your family should you pass away.

Term insurance is also convertible. Depending on how you and your Knights of Columbus field agent customize your term insurance policy, you can convert some or all of your insurance to permanent coverage at a later date, without providing further proof of insurability. So, if your health changes and you have an active term policy, you can secure permanent coverage that you may have otherwise have been denied.

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