Purco Electrical

Phil Purpora Purco Electrical 918-381-6457 St. Benedict Electrical and remodeling work… Read More

Great Planes Fuel Metering Inc.

Name: Dave Dewell Parish: St. Pius X   Great Planes Fuel Metering Inc. Repair & Overhaul of Continental Aircraft Engine Fuel Injection Systems. Phone: 918-619-9600… Read More

Joseph Zdanowski Photography LLC

Joseph Zdanowski Parish: Holy Family Cathedral   Joseph Zdanowski Photography LLC Portrait Photography Phone: 918-724-5283 Email: info@josephsphoto.com Website: www.josephsphoto.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JosephsPhotoTulsa/… Read More

Arrow Eye Care

Tracy Tran, OD Parish: St. Benedict’s   Arrow Eye Care Optometrist, Comprehensive Family Eye Care, Contact Lens Specialist Phone: 918-455-0222 Email: arroweyecare@yahoo.com Website: http://www.arroweyecare.com/… Read More


Jordan D. Evans Parish: St. Anne   Periwinkle Professional garage cleaning and organization at an affordable price. Phone: 918-947-9460 Email: jordo@goperiwinkle.com Website: www.goperiwinkle.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/goperiwinkle… Read More

John Madden

John Madden Parish: Christ The King   J Madden Homes LLC Custom home building and remodeling Phone: 918-269-9688 Email: john@jmaddenhomes.com Website: www.jmaddenhomes.com… Read More

Chad McAuliff

Chad McAuliff, FICF, FSCP, MDRT Parish: St. Benedict   Knights of Columbus Insurance and Financial Planning We help Catholic families with insurance and financial planning… Read More

Emily Constance Photography

Name: Emily Mason Parish: St. Benedict   Emily Constance Photography Photography Phone: (539) 302-7327 Email: info@emilyconstancephotography.com Website: emilyconstancephotography.com Facebook: facebook.com/emilyconstancephotography/… Read More

Teresa Sotelo Farmers

Name: Teresa Sotelo Parish: St. Francis Xavier Church   Teresa Sotelo’s Farmers Insurance Agency Insurance Phone: 918-627-3855 Email: tsotelo@farmersagent.com Website: www.farmers.com/tsotelo… Read More

Clancy and Thompson Law

Name: Kate Thompson Parish: St. Benedict   Clancy & Thompson Law Plaintiff Personal Injury Firm Phone: 918-494-0007 Email: kate@ctlawtulsa.com Website: www.ctlawtulsa.com… Read More