I am an agent because of the positive financial impact I can give to our brother knights and their families. Growing up in a lower class family and seeing my family struggle to make ends meet was a constant overwhelming burden. There was never talk about saving, investing, or financial education conversations. If someone would have sat down with my parents in our busy lives and discussed and educated my parents on financial independence and financial security, they may have been able to be more efficient in reducing debt, saving for retirement, and protecting oneself against death or disability.

With the help of the Holy Spirit and my past, a passion and a purpose has arisen. I chose to be the financial shoulder for Catholic families and help them through the joys and sorrows that can accompany financial decisions. I am here for our families as a fellow Catholic, friend, fellow brother Knight, and as a trusted advisor. I am an agent to provide the financial education and protection that all families need and deserve.

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