Guaranteed Retirement Income

There are two fundamentals to retirement income: securing guaranteed lifetime income and maximize Social Security benefits. Both of these income sources should have annual cost of living increases to keep up with rising inflation on domestic expenses that occur in retirement.

Lifetime guaranteed income can be generated from annuity products like single premium immediate annuities, deferred income annuities and guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit riders attached to annuities. Generally, these annuity product lines offer a cost of living adjustment rider at differing annual rates of increase.

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What is it?

An annuity is a retirement savings product. You make contributions, and, after a specified amount of time, the annuity pays you a regular income stream.

Who needs it?

There are few financial matters we give more thought and attention to than our retirement. Everyone thinks about it. Everyone needs it.

Retirement annuities help you ensure that you have enough money to live on in retirement.

But retirement income can be a difficult thing to calculate, especially with a changing landscape of federal and employee-provided benefits. With a properly structured retirement annuity from the Knights of Columbus, you can have retirement income that you cannot outlive, guaranteed.

Retirement annuities provide security and peace of mind that people of all ages and financial circumstances can benefit from.

How does it work?

Knights of Columbus retirement annuities come with many different payment and plan types (see below) which determine the nature of the annuity.

Once established, the money within a Knights of Columbus annuity continues to earn value, before eventually disbursing according to the options that you elect.

Knights of Columbus annuities also come with two important guarantees.

First, with a Knights of Columbus annuity, your principal is guaranteed. Regardless of market condition or company results, your Knights of Columbus annuity will not lose value.

Second, each Knights of Columbus annuity comes with a guaranteed minimum interest rate. No matter the market fluctuations, your annuity is guaranteed to never earn less than the contractually stated amount on an annual basis.

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