Office Reviews

Office Reviews

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“Chad is well informed and works to help find what best works for your particular needs. He is patient and takes time to be sure you understand and feel comfortable before moving forward.”

David And Susan Anderson

“Chad came prepared with my existing K of C policies to review my existing coverages. I was looking for disability and long term care. I recently changed jobs and losing company provided long term disability. The coverage quoted were well prepared. Chad kept the appointment even though we were having a very bad storm.”

Eric Kissel

“Chad was very professional in our consultation & not pushy while we were discussing different options. Looking forward to future business opportunities.”

Carroll Jackson

“As always Chad came up with some great ideas for his client. Thank you so much. he came over to the house and sat down with me and after I explain my issues, Chad came up with ideas to calm my worries.”

Mr. And Mrs. Fred Joseph

“Chad is my nephew. He has also been very personable. As a practicing attorney for more than 34 years, it was not easy for him to get me to take the time to meet with him. However, I was extremely impressed with his financial knowledge about products that will help my wife and I achieve our retirement goals! I would highly recommend him!”

James McAuliff

“Truly cared about our family and offered so many dynamic strategies that we never thought about. Chad really helped us take the next step in our long term financial planning. Highly recommend Chad!”

Mr. and Mrs. M

“Chad scheduled a review of investments. extremely informative, explaining everything so we understood. Made a couple of suggestions which we are implementing. Very helpful and made us feel more secure with our retirement.”

Charles Salat

“The meeting was very good and Chad did a great job informing me on the mission of the Knights and how they work with and in the Parrish.”

Brian Easlon

“We enjoyed our time with Chad. He laid it all out for us to understand and he walked us through every step. I know I can reach out to him whenever I need help and he is there!”

Drew And Allie Fenton